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Bryantsev Mikhail Vasilyevich, Doctor of historical sciences, professor, head of sub-department of state and law theory and history, Bryansk State University named after academician I. G. Petrovsky (14 Bezhitskaya street, Bryansk, Russia),

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Background. The lack of knowledge of mass attitudes in the first decade of the reign of the Bolsheviks necessitates the study of historical interaction between the government and the society in relation to the most significant historical events, which for the USSR was the General strike of 1926 in England.
Materials and methods. The article is based on inputs from a number of regional archives (Bryansk, Kaluga, Smolensk) and published sources from the Central Archive of the FSB, which allowed us to explore not only the formation of the image of the English strike of 1926 by the Soviet propaganda, but the population’s attitude to it.
Results. The study showed that the formed image of the General strike of 1926 in England, as a proof of the crisis of the capitalist system, were not entirely suc-cessful. Despite enormous resources devoted to its support by the Soviet govern-ment, the strike was defeated and the population of the Soviet Russia had a lot of questions to the Soviet power; many had hopes for its downfall.
Conclusions. The study of the reactions of the Soviet population to the generated image of the General strike helped to understand that people didn’t quite foolishly perceived propagandistic activities of the authorities. The nine-year rule of the Bolsheviks gave many a reason to comprehend critically the results of their activities.

Key words

England, power, Bolsheviks, Soviet Union, population, presentation, strike.

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